We are Big Picture

Seven years in the making.

Big Picture was founded in 2014 by Dr. Tom McKinnon. Following a 15-year career in finance, Tom decided to train as a doctor, where he quickly recognised the significant role that smart technology, including artificial intelligence, could play in improving the levels of service and patient care across the healthcare system. Although Tom loved working as an emergency doctor, he was frustrated, knowing it could be done better.

Since then, it has been Big Picture's mission to transform patient care globally using the power of technology.

The problem.

The patient journey has changed organically over many years. Traditionally, it was one patient to one doctor, in one location, but this has evolved to be one patient too many care providers across many locations.  The underlying technology infrastructure was (and still is) built around this 1:1 relationship, and it is no longer suited to the new fragmented patient journey.   

As a result of this fundamental change in the patient journey, although the treatment of disease has improved drastically, the patient's care remains siloed.

Globally, the demand for healthcare continues to outstrip supply, and so costs are spiraling unsustainably. A vast amount of resources is wasted in every step of the existing patient journey because of these siloed models of care. To date, the solution has been either to throw more resources (Doctors and nurses) at the problem or to implement point solutions like AI and video conferencing. Neither of these solves the systemic problem of unlocking true capacity in the system.

Our solution.

To connect the healthcare ecosystem. Our platform enables new models of collaborative, distributed, and intelligent care to optimise patient outcomes and make smarter use of healthcare resources, through the creation of digital pathways.

The platform provides the underlying infrastructure that enables a more effective healthcare ecosystem through the interoperability of structured data between all stakeholders.

Meet the Team

Our growing team is split between Sydney and London. The unique infusion of Technology, Design, Clinical and Business expertise enables us to create an industry-transforming platform.

Business Services

Dr Tom McKinnon

CEO & Founder

Pippa Peckham-Cooper


Dominic Ademoglu

Finance Director

Adeline Ong

Head of HR

Alan Bonfield

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Mimi Schilz

Service & Delivery Manager

Jared Stoloff

Strategic Operations Manager

Olivia Kellas-Kelly

IT Support Manager

Sreedha Pavangat

HR (Recruiter)


IT Support Engineer

Mariam Datoo

Project Manager


Dr Amar Maroo

Clinical Director

Dr Connor Toal

Clinical Lead


Paul Moran

Head of Design

Kirsten Randall

Product Designer

Sarah Esteban

Product Designer

Anna Simons

Product Designer


Brad Littleton

Head of Research

Angus Forth

Head of Data Analytics

Rory O Keeffe

Product Portfolio Manager

Angelie Tierney

Scrum Master

Edwin Cahyadiputra

Scrum Master

Ryan McCarthy

Scrum Master

Ian Reynolds

Product Owner

Mirette Gerges

Product Owner

Caroline Xie

Senior Data Scientist

Amit Aggarwal

Scrum Master

Karolina Kisiel

Product Manager

Sakshi Bhandari

Product Owner


James Bannister

Chapter Manager (Back End)

James Carpenter

Chapter Manager (DevOps)

Shalvi Gupta

Chapter Manager (QA)

Robert Sandona

Chapter Manager (Front End)

Sabrina Bourouis

Senior Software Engineer (Front End)

Luca Mastrorilli

Senior Software Engineer (Front End)

Oliver Bell

Software Engineer (Front End)

Eira Tse

Senior Software Engineer (Back End)

Kamal Chapagain

Software Engineer (Back End)

Dustin Hsiao

Software Engineer (Back End)

Adam Thompson

Software Engineer (Back End)

Stuart Sontag

Senior Software Engineer (Integrations)

Joey Lam

Software Engineer (DevOps)

Archana Jain

QA Test Engineer

Divya Gupta

QA Test Engineer

Shivani Menghani

QA Test Engineer

Dasun Rathnayake

Software Engineer (Back End)

Puria Golgoonnejad

Software Engineer (Back End)

Manikanda Muniasamy

QA Test Engineer

Ruby Lamadora

Software Engineer (Front End)

Sami Baadarani

Software Engineer (Front End)

Simon Burford

Senior Software Engineer (Front End)

Robert Wilde

Software Engineer (Back End)

Andrea Sartori

Senior Software Engineer (Back End)


Dawn Sim

Global Clinical Lead (Ophthalmology)

Pearse Keane

Global Clinical Scientific Advisor