The Big Picture Medical Configurable Platform

The BPM Configurable Platform is a software solution that provides an unlimited number of protocolised patient pathways with the flexibility to support countless clinical and research use cases and pathway designs.


Platform components





Clinical and administrative data are captured in Blocks that use clinically rich, interoperable standards.

Touchpoints contain Blocks
configured to collect and display data from patient or clinical users

Actions connect touchpoints together to form pathways.

Benefits and advantages





Using our no-code builders, even non-technical users can build patient pathways in as little as a day, vastly reducing cost compared to others’ solutions.

Our clinical teams co-design and co-build these pathways with our partners to ensure optimal fit for their processes and needs. Pathways can be edited while in use to improve effectiveness and patient outcomes.


Our Blocks served in the platform unlock the four areas of interoperability resulting in increases users’ trust reducing double entry and trusted bi-directional flow of data.

The trust is created by being structured to retain clinical richness. Capturing context increases users’ trust in the data which reduces double entry across specialties and care stages


Clinicians treat each patient holistically with information 
from multiple sources and care groups presented in a single view, either in the platform or on a customer’s own solution.

The configurable platform supports the creation of a web of patient pathways together across specialties and care stages, connected to their interoperable clinical data. 


Customers can configure the platform to address their specific needs efficiently and safely. Pathways are interconnected with one user interface, consistent data standards, and bi-directional connections to your system


Configurable pathways can be deployed over all specialties across all care stages



Across our partner sites, we have provided:







Reduction in unnecessary
referrals to tertiary care


Increase in wait time
goals hit


To configure end to end